The Legend of Zelda:
A Link to the Past
(Super NES)

Reviewed by Brave Auron

Editor's Note: The staff of DHN is aware of the, um...errors in this review. But it was too funny to change it, so we'll just leave it as it was posted.

Written 9/3/05

There was an era of video gaming, where the greatest video games were created. This year was the year of the famed....SNES.

Having had the most classic games, the SNES was one of video games' biggest hits and sold millons of copies.

And one game for it stood above all.

This was A Link to the past, a Zelda game.

It put you in the shoes of Link. You needed to stop a wizard named Agrabam from awakening Ganon, the prince of darkness. (sweet)

To do so, you had to find the pendants of the sages so you can pull the Master Sword from its pedastuel.

After you do this, Agrabam kidnappes Zelda, the girl you save at the begining of the game, and sacrifices her along with 8 other maidens.

You quickly kill Agrabam, but then something weird happens. You're transported to the Darkworld.

So you must rescue the maidens from the Darkworld. You can use a magic miror to go from the normal world to the dark world, which can help you get to places.


Gameplay: the slew of items from sword to ice rod to hammer makes room for a lot of puzzles, and there are killer boss fights and enemy battles.

Sound: Effects are good, but I personaly got sick of the music, which is werid since I love Zelda music.

Story: Really good story, that is for sure, but NPCs can say some stupid stuff.

Graphics: Amazing for its time.

Playability: Easy to pick up.

Entertainment: Fun, but if you get stuck...then it sucks.

For girls as well?: I think they would like it, if they like being Link.

Will you ever touch it again?: I doubt you will restart it after you beat it.

Final score: 9.25/10

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