Breaking Away
by Kiera Lordens

I'm breaking away from this world
I'm leaving now
I will not hear another word
I've made my vow
The truth behind this fantasy
Is easy to see for one who's been blind

I have fallen far behind
I'll need some time
To separate fact from lies
It isn't easy to find a compromise

I could never see
Beyond my dreams easily
Is there no escape from this illusion
That I am living

I'm breaking away from these chains
That have bound me
I'm trying hard to ignore the pain
Surrounding me
What do you wanna hear me say?
Is there no other way
To make you see my point

I never meant to disappoint you
I couldn't fix what was wrong
It's politics
I know longer have
Any answers or tricks

Was it a romance?
Or had we fallen into a trance?
Oh, now that the light
Had restored all my sight
I will take my chance

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