Ground Zero
by Kiera Lordens

This could be a deadly encounter
The situation's out of control
The beating of my heart is getting louder
And my blood is turning cold

If you think you can take me
Don't back away, now
Just listen to me when I call your name
You'll feel my power
So, get it straight, dear
'Cuz our final hour is finally here

This is a perplexing demonstration
Of the mind over the sword
Don't go givin' in to your frustrations
A loss now, we can't afford

Final countdown
Take it by the numbers
Don't ever look back
Final showdown
Put 'em six feet under
Give 'em heavy thunder
There will never, ever, ever be another day!
End this melee!

Trying not to give in to the pressure
Our final challenge we've yet to face
Every thought and every solemn gesture
Could mean our saving grace

If you think you can take me
There's no more time
To regret or forget what's left behind
There is no understanding this primal rage
The one who's left standing takes center stage now

Trying to solve a radical equation
Where one side outweighs the rest
The outcome of a mindless devastation
Is all we have, at the best

Final face-off
Standing eye-to-eye
Don't ever think twice
Final stand-off
Aim your sights high
Prepare to roll the die
Don't ever leave any circumstance
To destiny or chance

If you think you can take me
Don't try to be a hero
Your words could never shake me
You're playing with ground zero

If you really want to see me angry
Make up your mind, what you wanna do
By a thread, your fate is surely hanging
I'm not going to take any more from you

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