Lover's Last Stand
by Kiera Lordens

What can I say?
I'm just waiting for the end to come
I have no way to show how I feel
I'm waiting for the end of the reel

This is a rough road
I've been down before
Now it's a tough load
That I must endure

How can you say love's forever?
When you can't stay to be with me
Forever until eternity

Now I am walking alone
Since our love's been disowned
There is no place that I feel I belong
Except where we go when we're gone
Is that so wrong?

What can I do?
I am walking alone through the night
Can you tell me what's wrong or right?
I no longer have the will to fight

This is the last chance
That we'll ever have
I'm caught in Death's trance
That is really sad

This is my world's final hour
I realize I had forgot
But I just can't be something I'm not

If I get lost will you find me?
Will you always be a step behind me?
I'm trying hard to forget what I've lost
But for now I will be paying the cost
I'm at a loss

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