Azure Dreams
Random Trivia

by Flying Omelette

Sony Playstation Version

Secret of the Safe

If you find an item in the tower that you particularly like to have alot of in your inventory, try to resist the urge to use it, and take it back to town. Ask Wreath (the hero's mom) to open the safe and store it. Try to store at least three of your favorite item(s) in the safe. What happens is, the more of an item you keep in your safe, the more of that item you will find in the tower! For example, if you store three Big Pitas, your chances of finding Big Pitas in the tower will increase, and you'll find them everywhere! This trick could be combined with the next trick for some amazing results!

The Mystery of the Malicious Bell

You probably have come across the Malicious Bell in the tower. When you read the item's description it says it increases the level of all enemy monsters on the current floor. Then why would you want this thing? You've probably tossed it aside or taken it back to town to sell it, right? Well, DON'T!!! This thing has one of the most useful purposes in the game! When your familiar is in a state of Confusion, the game sees him as an "enemy". Therefore, if you use the Malicious Bell on your familiar while it's confused, his level will increase!! Of course, the level of all monsters on the floor will increase, too, but the trade-off is WELL WORTH IT! There's one of three ways for a familiar to become confused. One is to step on a confusion trap, but those appear at random, so you can't really rely on that too much. The second way is for an enemy to confuse him, such as a Blume or Mandara. The third, and easiest way, is to find a Malicious Scroll, then use that on your familiar. Once your familiar is confused, use your Malicious Bell(s) on him and his level will increase once for each bell used! I once found three Malicious Bells in the tower, then found a Malicious Scroll. I increased my Kewne three levels right there! Of course, it's possible that your confused familiar will attack you and knock you out, but the sacrifice is worth it! If you make it back to town with unused Malicious Scrolls and/or Bells, store them in your safe to increase the chances of finding them in the tower! You'll have your familiars built up in no time!

The Tunma Tactic

Doesn't it annoy you when you're doing really well in the tower, and suddenly, a monster or trap confuses your familiar, and it starts attacking you and/or your other familiar? If you happen to have a Tunma Fruit in your inventory, use it on the confused familiar and he'll turn into a frog! His attacks will either miss or only do 1 HP of damage in frog form, and the confusion will wear off before the frog spell does! Just be careful that another enemy doesn't sneak up on him and attack him while he's still a frog.

Don't use the Oleem!!

Whatever you do, don't use this thing. Don't even pick it up. (It's the only fruit that's light blue, so it should be easy to avoid.) When used on a familiar, you can escape from the tower, but you also lose that familiar, forever! Even if you're about to die in the tower, and have no Wind Crystal, it's better to sacrifice yourself than lose a hard-earned, hard-trained Familiar.

Game Boy Color Version

Throwing Items 101

Always remember that when you throw an item at an enemy, the item will have its intended effect on that enemy. If you get a Dormint, which is an herb that induces sleep, throwing it at an enemy will put it to sleep. If you have a Burnseed, which makes a familiar lose MP, throwing it at an enemy will cause its MP to run out, (and become unable to attack you.) Throwing items can have some very interesting and useful applications...Try throwing a Tumaseed at a tough enemy, and watch it turn into a helpless Frog! Now, you can easily defeat it! Throwing a WindGem at an enemy will make it vanish. But wait, there's more...

The Mystery of the OvaSeed

The item description of the OvaSeed says it reverts a familiar back to the egg state. You may be wondering why the heck you'd ever want to use this? Well, it is arguably the most useful item in the game! When thrown at an enemy, the OvaSeed is essentially the Azure Dreams equivalent of a Pokeball that never misses! It will revert the monster back to an egg, and you'll automatically pick it up. But don't use this rare and valuable item to capture low-level enemies that can easily be found or bought at the store...Save it for those enemies higher up, and get one that you don't already have!

Flame, Tundra, and Ranklin familiars

Early in the game, you may notice that the Flame and Tundra look very much alike, except that one is made of fire, and the other is made of ice. There are seeds in this game that will change a Familiar's attributes from their current state to Wind, Fire, or Water. The WindSeed changes to Wind, the LuminSeed to Fire, and the SeaSeed to water. If you get a Flame familiar and a SeaSeed, you can use the SeaSeed on it to turn it into a Tundra!! Or if you get a Tundra, you can use a LuminSeed on it to turn it into a Flame! You can use a WindSeed on either one to turn it into a Ranklin, which looks similar to Flame and Tundra, only it's made of lightning. (Seems to be named after Benjamin Franklin, only without the "F".)

The Many Different Trolls

In the PSX version of Azure Dreams, Trolls could be equipped with different weapons, but were all counted as the same familiar. But in GBC Azure Dreams, a Troll equipped with a Hammer (HamTroll) is counted a separate monster than a Troll with no weapon at all. There are also two other Troll variations. One is TomTroll (Troll with a Tomahawk), and another Troll variation that you get when you equip a Troll with a TrollArm. When you get a Troll, be sure to equip it with each weapon at least once, so that you get all four Troll variations into your Monster Book.

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