A poll by Master Ghaleon 99 and the tallied results. ~James FP~


LOL @ #2.

I think Crawl's trying to beat me at my own poll-answering game.

Crawl should go to Marrakesh.

Results of Master Ghaleon 99's Poll:

Game That Many People Liked That You Didn't:
Mortal Kombat (3 votes)

Are Load Times Important:
Only if They're Excessive (7 votes)

Favorite N64 Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (8 votes)

Have You Had Technical Problems With Your Playstation:
No (12 votes)

What Classic Game Most Deserves a Remake or Update:
Dragon Warrior series (2 votes)
Maniac Mansion series (2 votes)

What Do You Play More - N64 or PS1:
N64 (8 votes)

What Game Boy System Did You Own:
Original Game Boy (13 votes)

What Site or Magazine Do You Read For Game Reviews:
None (9 votes)

How Often Do You Use Walkthroughs:
Only as a Last Resort/When Really Stuck (12 votes)

Prediction of PS2 Price and Would You Buy It:
About $300.00 (7 votes)
No, I Would Not Buy it For That Much (4 votes)

Surprise #1: More people played their N64 more than their Playsation, which suprises me considering the number of RPG fans at this board. But then again, a lot of these people did come from a Nintendo message board and some had only just gotten (or didn't yet own) a Playstation.

Surprise #2: That most people said they don't read any sites or magazines for game reviews. If this community had been representative of all gaming communities, you'd think professional game sites and magazines would be out of business by now.

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